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What is Peer Pressure?

Writing By Ellie Gala

Peer Pressure 2020 front and back cover

what is peer pressure?

This is something that college freshmen, Alec Peterson, Robert McGee, Saul Gonzalez, and Eddie Marcoe are asked often when talking about their personal pursuits. But what is peer pressure? While the boys tend to have difficulties answering this looming question, they came to an agreement that while it is both a collective and a brand to showcase their individual skills and produce projects encompassing anything and everything as a team. Since the four are spread out across the country at their respective universities, I interviewed Robert in person at the University of North Texas, while we FaceTimed the other three.

Left by Alec Peterson Right by Eddie Marcoe


Left/Right by Robert McGee and Center by Nik Harshaw

According to Alec, from the beginning, the initial plan was to make a group zine featuring their photos, but as they set out their plans, they realized that with their potential and many overlying interests, they could grow this project beyond that. When asked about these overlying interests, Robert responded, “I feel like we each have our niche.” While Alec and Robert both mainly work on photography, Alec specifically focuses on film and videography, having shot their documentary. Eddie concentrates on the fashion aspect of the brand, and Saul pursues music, in his own words, “producing hip-hop beats and remixing R&B songs”. With this wide range of skills and interests, they found it quite obvious that they should integrate all their work into one entity.

Left By Robert McGee Right by Saul Gonzalez


Left/Right by Eddie Marcoe Center by Erick Lemus

Being a domineering voice in the group, Alec confidently described the group’s style as “fast, quick, bright, and youthful”, which is apparent with the perpetual development of their group. Having no set structure, they are constantly coming up with ideas and figuring out how to make them happen. This desire and need to rush into new projects head-on is very indicative of their place in life. All of them being only 18 or 19 years old, off on their own, away from their friends, family, and hometowns for the first time, it feels as though there is this constant need to think, to move, to do, to expand, all gas no brakes, just go. The only goal they have is to build upon themselves and to be able to work together with their best friends, as, according to Eddie, they “started it and will keep doing it for [themselves]”.

From a zine that represents their leaving home, to a documentary made for other young creatives, to fashion emblazoned with their insignia, to an art show at Incite Skateshop with 50+ people, to radio mix “shit that bangs” (in the words of Saul), these boys seem to want to capture it all.

You can check out their merch HERE and on Instagram @peerpressureusa

And you can support the people behind the zine Alec: @alecreates Eddie: @need2pee_ Robert: @robertwasreborn Saul: @mytriptoarizona

To learn more about what they do and how they came to be, check out their documentary, PEER PRESSURE: ALL PARTS SHOWING


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