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"Pink Hair" A Short Story By Lily Rhines

Artist Emily Elliot

Pink Hair by Lily Rhines

She was standing there in all of her little cuteness. She was as loveable as they come: 5’3”, pink hair, hello kitty stickers adorning those crinkles that people sometimes get near their eyes​. There she stands in all of her pinkness. At first glance, she represents the epitome of innocence with her button nose peeking out from her face, and those eyes that always seem to look out from beneath her lashes. Many see what they want to see, many pass by her without a second glance or thought, other than maybe noting that her eyebrows were a different color than eyebrows usually are. The clothing that she dons every day is always colorful and jovial as if no one could dare take happiness from her. She was cute, even to the green frog backpack that she used every day and the adorable rainbow shoes that encased her feet. She was too cute that nobody bothered to get a closer look at who she really was, at who actually lurked beneath the bright colors, stickers, and pink.

Like most people, she had secrets that she hid from the rest of the world. However, her secrets were the kind that could destroy someone, and they nearly destroyed her. One of these secrets didn’t culminate in the darkness, it was the darkness. And the worst of it all was the fact that nobody knew the darkness that turned and toiled beneath the surface of her porcelain skin. They only ever saw the outside that she had so carefully crafted and could never really see the monster that hid just beyond that first layer. That saying that beauty is only skin deep was mortally true for this girl. If anybody saw beyond what she wanted them to see, and if her secret was out, then she was in mortal danger. She could only be a monster if no one knew what she was until she had captured them. ​She was actually evil dressed and done up in pink sparkles and unicorns. She was special, I could feel it, he could feel it, she could feel it. She held something that no other human being that we had met had held before. Not until it was too late did I realize exactly what kind of secret it was that she held. The clues were held in the nervousness that always arose when she was near us, that disappeared so quickly and could change in an instant. She slipped from skin to skin, living as an entity that would be the best suited for making us believe that she was good. Slowly, I discovered that the sugary words that came from her mouth were tainted from harmful vowels laced within. The words that came from her mouth were those that dripped with sweetness but held a sour sense. They tried to warn me about her, they really did. But I blew them off saying, “I think she’s probably changed since you were friends, I mean she is with him after all. And he’s a good kid.” And that was that until I learned who she truly was.

She never fully captured me. She captured someone that I loved dearly, someone that had been my best friend for as long as I could remember, and she turned him from me. She turned him towards that darkness that she hid so well. She turned him around so that he could only see her and so that she could hold him in her clutches. ​She was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a shapeshifter whose true form was a slimy calculating dragon. There was no helping him or saving him from her clutches​.

There she was standing there in all of her little cuteness. A face that I never thought that I’d see again and a face that has haunted my bad dreams, a face I will never trust again. She was evil down the last fiber of the core of her being. The sparkles and happy colors painted on her face each day hid the true darkness that lurked beneath the surface. ​She destroyed you and I feel the blame resting upon me. I should’ve known, I should’ve been there to protect you and guard you from that evil monster that lurked behind those innocent looking eyes.​ ​But now that I know who she truly is, I can defeat the monster that slithers beneath her skin.

Layout by Giuliana Vargas

Check out more of Lily's Work @lilythepetal


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