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Datura. A VR collaboration between Bloom and Over Magazine.

Check Out Bloom Collective: Instagram or Apply to join them by clicking HERE!

The exhibit “Datura” refers to a genus of 9 flowers under the Solanaceae family, also known as the Nightshade family. Daturas are also known as moonflowers and only bloom at night. The show's focus and foundation lie in the inherent beauty that can be found in the dark. These times are especially dark and we hope to inspire others to look for the beauty around them during the global COVID-19 crisis. So we ask that you bloom with us in these dark times.

You can view the VR exhibit on your phone via the ArtSteps app and searching "Datura " in the search bar or on your computer by clicking this link HERE!


The VR experience features 24 artists ranging from Photographers, Graphic Designers, Fine Artists, and 3D models. You can follow them below:

Angel Ponce @monster_pie

Briana Jackson @_briartiste_

Chelsea Akpan @thankscocoa

Giuliana Vargas @director.vargas

Gracie James, @graaciejames

Grayson Micaela, @ballet_grays20

Ian Ramirez @itakegoodpictures

Jaudon Markyll, @jaudonmarkyll

Jay Visuals @_jayvisuals

Joseph Williams @_djozef

Joshua Tsang @nov31.wip

Monsieurp @manzanitaysol

Nate Bishara @NaturallyNatey

Nicolas Iparraguirre @nic_wbs

Rocky Sahoo, Insta @rockysahooart

Rubie Rhubarb @rhubarcode

Shelbi Arnspiger @missguyver

Steele Smith @photosdubfriends

Trey Dowell @DowellTrey

Zaina Artistry @zainaartistry


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