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Over Magazine #2 "Self" Fall 2019

Cover Art: Emily Elliot

Writing: Nate Bishara and Giuliana Vargas

For the Fall 2019 season of Over Magazine our editorial staff challenged our team to create work inspired by the theme of “Self”. What we got from that after combing through many wonderful and creative submissions, was a 162-page magazine that represents over 100 local Dallas/Fort Worth area, artists of many different mediums.

You can read it for free online on Issuu here.

And you can purchase the issue via the “shop” tab on our website or directly on Blurb here.

Truly, thank you to everyone who has supported Over Magazine and been part of our journey.

-Nate Bishara, Editor-In-Chief


Founders Notes From "Self"

Nate Bishara, Editor-In-Chief

Nate Bishara Shot by Jaudon Morris

Over Magazine started as a meeting of 7 people in an on-campus taco shop, where I shared my vision of what a local magazine would be with a few of the friends I had made during my first semester at UNT. It then grew due to the massive support from local artists, primarily in Denton, who wanted to be part of this idea. At the time it was kind of intimidating because I had never led something on this big of a scale before and I literally had no proof that it was even possible, but the team at the time believed what Giuliana Vargas, Thomas Truong, and I were saying. The entire first edition was put together over the span of about 3 months, starting in February and then launching the following April with our first edition “Take One”.

This team is full of talented and unique people, all with their own views and perspectives. In this issue, “Self”, Giuliana Vargas and I asked our team to question who they are, why they create and what that says about them as individuals. What was birthed out of that, was a love letter to creatives all throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Over Magazine exists to help these creatives find their voice and give them a platform to speak it on.

Fall 2019 has been full of many great opportunities for Over Magazine to explore the possibilities of expansion and growth within the DFW. Through our Homecoming event with UNT to our guest speaker from “How To Be Social” we have found opportunities to help highlight our team’s talents and many great creative skills. This year has been full of trial and error as we finally launch the puzzle that is “Over Magazine” in full. This semester we have made many changes and as it is no longer just our quaint team of 2, we have a fully functioning staff of brilliant artists, marketers and social media gurus. We have become a fully functioning editorial, interviewing artists of all mediums, allowing them to be highlighted on our website and within this edition and future editions. To say that I’m just proud of the work this team has done would be an understatement, we have all put in so much effort and grit to make this happen. Learning so many new skills, software, and resources.

The creation of Over Magazine has only just begun and we will continue to grow. So without further ado, I and the rest of the team would like to present you with “Self” Over Magazine’s Second Edition into its catalog.

Giuliana Vargas, Art Director

Giuliana Vargas shot by Jaudon Morris

Coming close to a year now of being Overs creator director I would have never imagined the impact that this magazine has had in such a short amount of time. Seeing this idea of creating a magazine being turned into a reality gives me the confidence that anything is possible. Not only as young artists and creatives have, we all accomplished working and perfecting our craft through the experience of Over, but we have done it together. Every step we have taken on this journey, we moved in sequenced as a team, learning from each other through love and critique. There is no team I could have imagined better than Over staff or would have wanted to work with. Thank you for allowing me to be your creative director and for seeing the vision in our crazy ideas. I am beyond grateful for this ongoing experience and being able to see us grow together. Issue by issue we are learning how to perfect our systems and work efficiently as creators. To our readers, this message is for you and I challenge you to keep an eye on Over magazine as this is just the start for us and truly more is yet to come.


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