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Welcome to Over Magazine!

Over magazine welcomes all to experience a creative experience like no other. Over magazine is an online editorial, that not only connects individuals on the base of creative talents and skills, but is a community for dedicated creatives to congregate and collaborate together. Take the time to meet the team and look at our latest issue.


Editor's Note

By Nate Bishara

Photo by Sarah Stevens

I feel like I should start this by introducing myself, I am Nate Bishara. I was raised in Fort Worth and have always been interested in art. When I was younger I spent many hours in the back of my mom’s store that sold art and watched her paint. I am a media arts major now, but at this rate who knows what I’ll be doing in another semester. I have always enjoyed connecting people and collaborating as a team to make something great. This magazine is a testament to that.

I started my conquest into higher education this year and found myself infatuated with the art scene in Denton. I felt lost when I realized my school didn’t have an organization that fit what I was looking for and so I began to flesh out my idea for a magazine. I spent the greater part of my first semester mixing and mingling with fellow artists in the area. From there I started spreading the word about this idea that I had to start a magazine. And so, me and a group of 6 artists met in a loud restaurant and talked about the idea and from there it grew into what it is today.

This issue is my love letter to all the creatives in the DFW. I hope this magazine can further highlight the artists in the area and provide a place for them to collaborate with other artists and learn from each other. I have put all my energy and love into this issue and I know many others have done the same. I hope that all the talent of everyone involved can be seen by our readers.

This amazing journey that we all have embarked on together could never have happened without the over 60 people who have contributed to this first issue. I am incredibly proud of everyone who has helped or been apart of this.

"Our journey isn’t 0ver yet."


Art Director's Note

By Giuliana Vargas

"Always speak out loud to the universe."

Photo by Sarah Stevens

To my fellow artists, speak out loud your desires and dreams as you are the creator of your life. The act of dialogue within the creative atmosphere enabled my passion for creating, as it linked me with individuals such as Thomas whom introduced me to Nate, and we all instantly connected over the idea of creating a magazine. We saw potential in bringing the Denton community together through this project and as a group of UNT students we were determined to make this dream a reality. It’s this idea of creating a network for creative individuals to pursue collaboration that spawned the magic that 0ver spreads.



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