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Radio Wore's New "Dad-Rock" Song "Why Bother?"

Written By: LaMya McGilvery

Recently, there's been a new local Denton band getting radio play. Their name is Radio Wore and they are giving us that old school rock and roll sound, or as the lead vocalist/lead guitarist, Kaarthik Tharmiya, stated “a 'dad rock' sound”.

Radio Wore consists of 3 members by the names of Kaarthik Tharmiya, vocalist/guitarist, Kieran Gibbs, Drummer/Writer, and Zach Murrary, bassist/keyboard. The band was created in the summer of 2017 but didn’t actually start performing together until September of 2017. During the rehearsals they had in the summer, Kaarthik had already had the beginnings of their song ‘Why Bother?’ but “didn’t really get to working on it until the beginning and middle of 2018”, Kaarthik states. They went on to release the song with 6 others on their debut EP, Los Gatos in February 2018.

Prior to their EP release and eventual radio play, they had been playing numerous house shows around Denton in order to do what they loved in front of an audience. The more they performed, the more attention and somewhat notoriety they began to have. Once they started to get radio play, they began to get noticed by other local bands in Denton and in the DFW area. Their goal now is to gain a reputation in the DFW area in order to play more shows around Denton but not exclusive to Denton. “It’s [gaining attention] mostly about connections and I think being played on the radio is a huge connection [to publicity and gaining more bands to play with]”, Kaarthik states. The lead vocalist is absolutely stoked throughout the entire interview at the prospect of the band’s popularity growing and about performing with more local bands, “I like to contact them like ‘Hey, whats up, we’re good, we’re getting played on the radio, let’s be friends!” he stated.

Photos By Melissa Robinson of Rope Tree Productions

Radio Wore will be releasing a music video for their song ‘Why Bother?’ on July 4th. The release date for the song proves interesting when the meaning and tone of the song is heard. Why Bother is a song that was written during the presidential election of 2017. “I was kinda just tired of everything and I was like ‘I feel like it’s a rebellious time’”, Kaarthik stated. The song features a sound reminiscent of the psychedelic rock and roll from the 70s. Kaarthik states that they went with a 70s imagery because “we felt like everybody was doing the ‘let’s use Trump as imagery’ and we wanted to stay true to our musical roots, especially since we are super influenced by the 70s, 80s, and 90s.”

The music video is in black and white and features the voice of an old school announcer talking about some soldiers invading the pentagon and the way the video is shot all reflects the theme of chaos and anarchy that the lyrics invoke.

The visuals of the music video paired with the verses of the song make for a killer combo of anarchy and rebellion to make a powerful message against hate and the injustices of the world.

Photo By René Gomez of Nightgaze Studios Test

Writting By LaMya McGilvery for Over Magazine


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