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Obscurity & 3 am

Photography and Writing By: Sinea Wreyford


I saw a few collage pieces at Urban Outfitters, and I wanted to try to do something like that myself. I have never used photoshop before, but I wanted to get more into graphic design. I spent a very very long time on this project. I worked on it for about a month. While they all look cohesive, each picture is individual. Each picture was taken in a different environment, but I still found out how to make them cohesive. I took pictures, and I would work on one, trying to fit it with the others, like a puzzle piece. I spent a lot of time focusing on each one, which resulted in a lot of failures. 

I feel like I have a lot of patterns in my work where I don’t show people’s faces. Never thought why I was doing this, but I liked the pattern. I have had a lot of feelings about how people perceive me my whole life, so I like to focus on how identity isn’t necessarily visible, you have to look deeper. 

The truth about my procrastination… it was for a project that was due the next day. I freaked out until the last minute. My friends and I went outside, and I just found places that weren’t aesthetically pleasing, but once I used the flash and turned up the vibrancy it became beautiful. I was trying to make boring things seem pretty cool looking.


I made my roommate look like she was possessed in the middle of the woods. I also discovered that I really like using flash, and since then, I have been using flash in every single thing I do. An important lesson I’ve learned from this is that I don’t typically do paid shoots with strangers. I prefer to do shoots with people that I know because it is more personal and about having fun. It shows in the work. 

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