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Street Angels

Fashion Designer: Carlos Renacio

Photographer/Hair Stylist/Writer: Giuliana Vargas

Models: @cutleglrl @tahlil @dane_obannon @thatamasonguy

MUA: Sara Metz

As an artist capturing images of clothing, allows you a to bring to life garments that are pieces of art themselves as transformative narrative to audiences. A silent scenario that audiences can interpret what they wish to receive from the artist.

In this case I collaborated with a talented fashion designer named Carlos Renacio who begun Renacio Designs. He and I discussed the vision for this shoot as we took into consideration the cohesive black aesthetic each piece powerfully possessed. The darker tones of the garments played an important role in the overall shoot as the location took precedence on conveying his artistic feel.

This is why the location needed to communicate the same feel of energy that the clothing powerfully communicated itself. Renacio and I discussed the exploration of a variety of different locations as Roman Catholic churches, and Victorian architecture to use as the photo location.

For the final photoshoot of the garments Deep Ellum was the location that was utilized for this shoot of the garments to maintain a cohesive background setting for each garment. The makeup and hair for the models was inspired by each garment to accentuate the necklines of the pieces.

Lastly, thank you to all the models that believed in the vision.

Fashion Designer: Carlos Renacio @renacio.designs

Photographer/ Hair Stylist/Writer: Giuliana Vargas @gv.fotos

Models: @cutleglrl @tahlil @dane_obannon @thatamasonguy

MUA: Sara Metz @princesssaras

City: Deep Ellum


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