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Photographer/Writer: Victoria Nguyen

Models: Nicholas Wolf, Bibi Rojas, Candy Tong, Skylar Bumgardner, Sasha

My concept for this project is to capture photographs of single individuals moving through an urban city with fashion. I wanted to capture motion and expressions in the photographs I took of these individuals. We live in such a face paced society that we are constantly moving, rushing, and running to the next place that we will be. Through these photographs I captured emotion and motion throughout the individual. I also used fashion because each individual has a unique sense of style and expression. I wanted to showcase each individual’s unique personalities through the clothes that they were wearing.

The subjects portrayed the expressions of longing, distress, and intensity. I directed the subjects to use these expressions because I wanted to emphasize how fast society is moving, how we have deadlines after deadlines and how we are constantly doing something. With how busy each individual is, it takes a toll on one’s mental health, so the usage of expression showcases these emotions.

I had the opportunity to be able to photograph in New York City, the city that never sleeps, which went perfectly with my concept of photographing individuals in an urban city. I was also there for New York Fashion week so the individuals that I photographed were all busy, stressed, and running around. The concept turned true to life because it felt like I was just capturing photographs of their daily, busy lives.

Fashion and conceptual photography are two types of photography that I am passionate about. Which is why I wanted to use these two styles into the photos I took for this project. Fashion is something that has always been a passion of mine so being able to go to New York to photograph fashion while using one of my concepts was truly, a dream come true.


Victoria Nguyen (Instagram: @Victoriadventures)


Nicholas Wolf (Instagram: @nlswolf)

Bibi Rojas (Instagram: @bibirojass)

Candy Tong (Instagram: @candytong12)

Skylar Bumgardner (Instagram: @skylarbumgardner)

Sasha (Instagram: @machechasasha)


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